I recently asked my testers to try out WeeYarn’s cloche crochet pattern, and I’m super excited to share some of their creations with you today.

One thing I absolutely hate, is purchasing a crochet pattern and not being able to figure out what the designer is trying to say. It is so frustrating, and for most of us, leads to shelved patterns we will never look at again.

When I launched WeeYarn, I was determined that all of my patterns would be tested for errors and clarity before they ever reached my shop.

The testing process can be slow at times, but providing you with patterns that make sense and produces a beautiful garment or accessory, without the frustration, is of upmost importance to me.

The result of this testing process is what I want to share with you today.

I always find it so interesting to see how different everyone’s hats look, even though we used exactly the same directions and weight of yarn.

I just love their creations, and look forward to seeing more in the coming days.

1. Amie’s Crochet Cloche

Amie’s hat is one of my absolute favorites from the crochet cloche pattern testers.

I really love how she used contrasting yarns, which she described as a “happy accident”, after running out of yarn. I think it was a very happy accident indeed!

cloche crochet pattern

2. Laurie’s Crochet Cloche

I love the color of Laurie’s cloche (there’s no surprise there, just check out my Insta feed for proof), and this is probably the closest to my own version in terms of appearance. Truly gorgeous!

cloche crochet pattern

3. Heather’s Crochet Cloche

I also really like how this hat turned out.

I hadn’t even thought of creating the stripe with different colored yarns before seeing what Heather did with hers. I think it’s a fab idea, and it really makes that flower pop!

cloche crochet pattern

4. Elsa’s Crochet Cloche

And finally, here is another lovely version of my crochet cloche pattern, again changing things up a little by crocheting the rose in a contrasting color. Very sweet!

cloche crochet pattern

You can see more of my testers hats, along with their comments and suggestions over on the Ravelry page.

Buy WeeYarn’s Cloche Crochet Pattern Here…

If you would like to purchase my cloche crochet pattern, you can get it here on our WeeYarn website, or from WeeYarn over on Etsy.

And, if you give this pattern a go, please do tag me on social media using #WeeYarnDIY so we can spread the handmade goodness with our community of makers. I’d love to see what you make!

Love & happy crocheting,
Melanie x

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