This super simple travel mug cozy can be made is a jiffy, and is perfect for beginner crocheters.

Personally, I just love a themed gift, so I would pair this with a Starbucks gift card for the coffee lovers in your life… that’s the perfect blend of a practical and homemade gift right there! lol

So, without further ado, let’s get to the pattern shall we?


— Small amount of bulky (category 5) yarn of choice. I used Loops & Threads Charisma Heather in Denim (100% acrylic).
— Small amount of contrasting colour yarn, any weight will do, although bear in mind that thicker yarn will make a larger heart. I used fine (category 2) yarn.
— Crochet hook: 8mm (L/11) and 5mm (H/8).
— Darning needle.

Abbreviations (US Terms)

Rnd: round
Mc: magic circle
Ch: chain
Dc: double crochet
Tr: treble crochet
Hdc: half double crochet
Sc: single crochet
Sl st: slip stitch
St: stitch
Sts: stitches
Yo: yarn over

Special Stitches

Mc: Take loose end of yarn and place over fingers (inside of hand), use thumb to hold in place at ring finger. Take working end of yarn and wrap around fingers (wrap over pointer finger and down to ring finger), making an X. Hold in place again with thumb. Turn over to back of hand, you should have two straight strands of yarn here. Take hook and place underneath first strand, pull through the second strand, twist hook slightly and grab same second loop of yarn (wiggle a little to stretch) and pull through creating a sl st. Place finger on the loop just created, and gently pull magic circle from fingers. Begin to crochet around the circle. Once you have completed the required sts pull the short tail to close the circle tight.

Tr: Yo twice. Insert the hook into the next st. Yo and pull through a loop. Yo, pull yarn through the first two loops on the hook. Yo, pull yarn through two loops on the hook. Yo, pull yarn through last two loops on the hook.

Instructions For Travel Mug Cozy

Foundation row: Ch 20 (or enough to just fit around your cup, it will stretch slightly). Remove the hook from the loop, turn the chain upside down, place the hook back through the loop. Then, join the ch with a sl st in the beginning ch to form a circle, being careful not to twist the ch as you do so.

Rnd 1: Ch 1. Dc in each ch around. Join with a sl st in first dc. <20 dc>

Rnd 2-5: Ch 1. Dc in each st around. Join with a sl st in first dc. <20 dc>

You can make your sleeve taller if you prefer, just repeat the above round until you have the correct height.

Instructions For Heart

Rnd 1: Begin with a mc, then work the following into the circle formed: 3 tr. 3 dc. Ch 1. 1 tr. Ch 1. 3 dc. 3 tr. Ch 2. Sl st to finish.

Tighten the loop by pulling on the mc tail — you should have the beginnings of a heart shape now.

Rnd 2: Ch 2. Then, work sc and hdc in the first st. In next st work 3 hdc. In next st work 2 hdc. Sc in next four sts. Ch 1. Dc in the next st. Ch 1. Sc in next four sts. In the next st work 2 hdc. Work 3 hdc in next st. In the last st work hdc and sc. Ch 2. Sl st into the beginning ch — Tighten the loop again, if necessary, at this point.

Break the yarn, leaving a long tail for attaching the heart to your sleeve.  Attach the heart to your sleeve using a whip st, or whatever st you’re comfortable with. Weave in all ends, and you’re done!

So, that’s it… I do hope you enjoyed this travel mug cozy pattern!

Please, please do share this free crochet pattern with friends and family members who also enjoy crocheting!

If you have any questions about the pattern, feel free to leave me a comment below, or get in touch with me on Instagram @WeeYarn.

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